“When it gets so easy to reproduce that people don't know the founder — then it's a movement.”

 -       Ralph Moore

Within the City Church network you will often see or hear the words “church planting movements.” However, the term can be ambiguous or misleading if not properly defined. To give clarity, when we at City Church Network speak of church planting movements we are referring to a move of God that results in either 1,000 newly baptized believers or six streams of fourth generation church that continues to multiply. What that practically means is that six or more planted churches in turn start more churches until there are four generations of healthy churches, which continue to multiply.  We believe these types of movement often happen rapidly, and the Holy Spirit sets the pace for the multiplication.


We desire to see a movement of this sort because we believe when God multiplies his church into a movement it will not be able to be controlled when it gets to fourth generation and beyond. Regardless of the external circumstances a movement reaching the fourth generation will keep multiplying. We desire to see such a movement not only in Nashville, but cities and countries all over the world. By partnering with local churches and apostolic leaders to enter new fields, share the gospel, disciple the new believers, gather together for church, and to develop leaders from within the new churches the Lord will start movements for His glory. We desire to equip the local church body to take these steps within their own communities and to send out missionaries to do the harvest fieldwork in other places with limited gospel witness.


We feel that currently the soil is ripe for the harvest. As of today there are hundreds of church planting movements happening all around the world, and we have the opportunity to be a part of the work. Below are several resources we have found useful to starting and sustaining movements. We also want to make ourselves available for coaching and training toward movement. Feel free to contact us at anytime for encouragement, equipping, or to receive more details about how you can take part in God’s movement all around the world. 


Through our partnerships with church planting movements in India and our work with men and women committed to NoPlaceLeft throughout the world, we've been able to be on the frontline of resourcing frontier missions mobilization.  Below are some materials that we have utilized to further Gospel engagement in our neighborhoods and throughout the world.