Immersion Tours (Level 1)


Experience the unique and beautiful cultures this world has to offer.  Enjoy the stories of refugees and other immigrants who are and have fought through impossible odds to make it in this world.  Over the past seven years, we have walked alongside churches, connecting them to people groups from far-away lands and helping them learn about the lives of these inspiring men and women.  Contact us and tell us how we can help you or your church connect with the nations in the US.    

Level 1 Logistics:   The one day Immersion tour is $50 per person.  This includes a meal at a local ethnic restaurant, tour of a mosque, temples both Hindu and Buddhist, a local international market and an hour-long cross-cultural evangelism training. 

Consider what God is doing with people from all over the world in Nashville, Tennessee.
— - Jody and Sheri - Christ Church Birmingham

Members of Christ Church share about their experience with refugees in Nashville. 

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